Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland

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Rekindled Yard

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“Those who have learned to collaborate and improvise

most effectively have prevailed” (Charles Darwin)

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Industrial Style Bed Frame


This handmade chunky bed frame was created with industrial size pallet.  After de-nailing the Redwood and Scotch Pine, Mr RY carefully smoothed the gorgeous timber to retain the serial numbers and original nail holes.  Base to floor boards at the foot, to conceal under bed storage, accessed from the sides. The frame itself was built slightly higher than average - to allow extra storage space as well as good airflow. A mixture of boiled linseed and teak oils, applied gently by hand, highlights the stunning grain and colours.  In a world of flat pack & mass production, it is a pleasure to create pieces, that are built to stand the test of time, in an eco-friendly way.
Price guide £550

Sci Fi Special: Bat'leth - Klingon "sword of honor"


Something a wee bit different...

Handmade for a Star Trek 🖖 fan - a Bat'leth - traditional Klingon weapon of choice.

This piece is for display and relatively harmless; handmade from timber with a blade-look silver spray finish and hand wrapped faux leather handles (90cm wide)


Small Biz Collaboration: Display Plinths - for artisan Kasasagi


On occasion we get to collaborate with some fabulous fellow small biz folk and working with Kate is always exciting... as we wait patiently to see the wonderful pieces of art that she creates, to display on Mr RY's handmade timber pieces (see Mirrors & Frames in PORTFOLIO, for more of Kate's amazing artwork in frames).


Here is a collection of Mr RY's plinths, especially created for Kasasagi to display her sculptures, which are created from recycled materials (just like RY!) within glass dome bell jars and bottles.

Keepsake Magic Wands - Personalised


These custom pieces were commissioned; 

- a novelty gift for a bride to be.  "From Muggle to Mrs... Doonan"
- to a Grandmother from her two grandsons, Arryn and Dylan
- for a young wizard "Caolan Swish and Flick"

- a wedding day gift for Aine and Martin, personalised with their wedding day and "always"

The first two wands started out as reclaimed 2x2 white wood and the latter made from Cedar wood - Mr RY whittled and carved the wand shapes, leaving space on the handle for personalised message, engraved by hand using pyrography. Finished with a light oak wood stain from the handle, blended with an ebony wood stain down the wand and then sealed with teak oil.

Doonan dimensions: 33cm / 13in long (handle 2cm / 0.75in) (others specified size by customers)

£23 (+ £6.50 engraving)   *not a toy*

See Carvings & Sculptures in PORTFOLIO for more (non-personalised) hand carved wands.  

Small Biz Collaboration: Frames - for artisan The Whispering Wild


Another example of collaboration with a fabulous fellow small biz - working with Lucy is a delight... as we wait patiently to see the wonderful pieces of art that she creates, to display within Mr RY's handmade timber frames (see Mirrors & Frames in PORTFOLIO, for more of Lucy's amazing artwork in frames).


Here is a collection of Mr RY's frames, especially created for The Whispering Wild to display her sculptures, which are created with wool and thread.

Custom Pendant


The Yard's TINIEST EVER handmade piece, measuring just 25 x 8 x 2mm.


Replicating the customer's wedding ring engraving, using pyrography, by Mr RY.

Shaped and smoothed (ever so carefully!) by hand and sealed with top oil

*top oil is used for worktops etc and so food/skin friendly*


If you would like something similar, get in touch.


This piece = £12

Custom Guest Book


Commissioned as a gift for a 5th Wedding Anniversary celebration, this piece was handmade from 100 year old Oak and hardwood faced ply. Engraved by hand using pyrography with a decorative metal leaf and sealed with teak oil to protect and highlight the gorgeous colours and grain. Butterfly hinge and decorative bolts holds together the 75 leaves, ready for guests to add their well wishes for the couple.


Dimensions: 26 x 18cm, 2.5cm thick

price guide: Guestbook - £40, Pyrography - £6.50 (1-5 words)

Small Biz Collaboration: Display for Fused Glass Designer Ditsyglass


This piece was commissioned for fellow Small Business Ditsyglass to display their wonderful pieces. Cut, shaped & smoothed by hand, the display is made from reclaimed redwood, finished in jacobean dark oak wax.  An extra piece (incorporating a hidden carry handle, at the back) was added with the Ditsyglass logo engraved freehand, using pyrography. This additional piece is the very last bit of solid oak that Mr RY had, over 100 years old, from Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast - from around the time the White Star Liners, such as Titanic were being built - a little piece of history...

Dimensions: (display) 30x30cm

Custom Cooker Hood


Every now and then, we get to keep a little piece of RY here at the Yard! 

This type of piece can be replicated and personalised to suit any kitchen.

Made from recycled floor boards, our cooking area was finished nicely with this hand engraved piece along with some strategically placed fairy lights for a little ambience.

price guide £65

Custom Display Shelf


Starting out as and old scaffold plank, this custom shelf was commissioned to finish of a customer's hallway decor.  Shaped by hand using antique carpenter's plane and spoke shave, Mr RY flattened and whittled the timber to give it a rustic, driftwood style.
To add extra character, chains were used to really batter the wood - for a more unique and aged look.  
After smoothing by hand, Ebony wood stain was used for a base.
As the customer requested varying tones in the timber, to match existing decor, a Deep Mahogany stain was incorporated also - layering this between light sanding to create a patchy, aged effect.  Adding a third overall finish with American Walnut stain, emphasised the various colours and shades; an alternative to a solid colour finish.  Sealed with natural wax and buffed for a gentle sheen.

Custom dimension: 62cm/24.5in long, 5.5cm/2.5in thick, 22cm/8.5in wide

price guide £40

Bottle & Glass Holder


A first for the Yard, custom order as a gift to wine-loving weather fanatics.  This piece of beautiful, antique oak was cut, shaped and smoothed by hand with freehand pyrography engraving, for a personal touch.  

Price guide:  whitewood £10 / Redwood £15 / Vintage Oak £20

Pyrography engraving 1-9 words £6.50

Engraving can be... anything (within reason!) Perhaps a personalised message or something amusing like that pictured, or like these: 

my birthstone is wine cork - - I make wine disappear... what's your super power?

because... kids! - - NOVINOPHOPIA: fear of running out of wine

Oh look... it's wine o'clock - - love the wine you're with - - bitch less, wine more!

Yoga class..? I thought you said pour a glass! - - my book club reads wine labels

tonight's forecast: 99% chance of wine - - wine... because I never got a pony

Small Biz Collaboration: "Logo Log" - for Jewellery Maker Chickerboo Designs


RY's "Logo Log" freestanding sign was created especially for Petra over at Bracelets by Chickerboo. to display alongside her handmade jewellery The block was shaped and smoothed by hand and Mr RY's trusty chisel created some gentle "character" in the finished piece. Made from reclaimed pine flooring boards, this 100+ year old timber was brought back to life... the Rekindled Way. The logo was copied freehand and engraved using pyrography for a truly unique piece. (see logo photo for comparison) Sealed with jacobean dark oak wax, highlighting the fabulous grain in the timber.


"Universal Time Device"


Commissioned for a customer's new kitchen, Mr RY was delighted to create this fun piece from reclaimed timber.

Sealed with a jacobean dark oak wax, for a warm finish.

Dimensions: approx 30 x 30cm

£25 + pyrography (1-9 words) £6.50

Personalised Pyrography Unicorn


Commissioned as a gift for a child's first guitar, Mr RY was delighted to add this "little something" to make it personal!

Freehand engraving, using pyrography and sealed with a natural wax, for a distinctive finish.

(guitar provided by customer)