Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland

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Rekindled Yard

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Handmade Electric Guitar

An old cutlery display box was recycled by Mr RY, retaining the original shape and clasps, restoring the gorgeous timber by carefully smoothing and sealing with oak wood dye and finishing with two coats of wax.  Various bits and bobs were used for both decoration and "working parts" such as the old brass keys for the bridge and nut as well as the plug strainers which are perfect for resonating sound holes!   An old 1940s D-cup drawer handle was used for the tail piece, rosewood & pine inlay shaped by hand for the pick up surround and oak for the saddle.   The hardware and neck came from an old electric guitar (unknown make), in keeping with RY's recycling, reusing and recreating ethos.  The guitar was built on a fender strat 25.5 scale and you can watch and hear it "sing" below.

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The making of...

Watch & Hear me Sing...

Ready to play...

Handmade Electro-Acoustic Guitar & reAMPed Radio


In keeping with RY's Recycling ethos, this handmade piece started out as an old cutlery storage/display box, built on a 25.5 strat scale.  Smoothed by hand and brought back to life, the Rekindled Way, the box was first stained in a light oak dye with dark walnut centre stripe and edges. Decorative scratch plates and rear of the box are coated with a black, glitter spray (...stage ready!)

The bridge and pick up were recycled from an electric guitar, along with the maple neck. Hammered and straightened copper pipe created a base plate for the volume and tone pots (reclaimed from the radio... see below!) with additional hand cut Ace of Spade embellishments.  Finally, contemporary F Holes, cut by hand for that perfect sound.

1950s Radio... revAMPed!

An abandoned 1950s radio... transformed into the perfect sound system for RY's Guitar! The radio innards were removed and the shell retro-fiitted with a Yamaha guitar amp.  Small LED lights were placed inside for effect (accessible, 2x AA batteries).

Only two of the original radio knobs were in tact, so were used for the guitar's volume and tone pots... new knobs were cut and shaped by hand to fit.

Ready to play...

1950s Radio... revAMPed!

Watch & Hear us Sing...

“Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t”  (Johnny Depp)