Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland

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*SOLD* Industrial Floor Lamp


This handmade piece represents Rekindled Yard's ethos of reusing, recycling and recreating perfectly.

Mother Nature's "beauty" softens the cold steel of the "beast".

The stunning caramel swirls in the Laburnum Golden Chain log were accentuated by Mr RY's 50/50 mix of Danish and Boiled Linseed oils, after being sanded by hand.

A reclaimed car brake disc was sealed in lacquer to create the base and house the high visibility cable - adding to the industrial style.

The 22mm thick copper piping and brass compression fittings hold the shade, which was cut and shaped by hand from a recycled washing machine drum, finished with copper wire stitching detail.

Random holes of varying sizes were drilled to diffuse light and cast interesting shapes and shadows.

Overall height - 138cm / 54in
Log base - 49cm / 19in, approx 14cm / 5.5in at widest
Bulb fitting - E27 (screw in)
Cable length - 240cm/94in
Shade - 21cm / 8in wide


inc track / sign delivery within uk
or local delivery by hand