Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland

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*SOLD* Steampunk Pressure Gauge Floor Lamp


This handmade piece represents Rekindled Yard's ethos of reusing, recycling and recreating perfectly.

Mother Nature's "beauty" softens the cold steel of the "beast".


The stunning piece of Oak retains its rustic look, with just gentle sanding by hand and sealed in natural bees wax.

A reclaimed car brake disc was sealed in lacquer to create the base and house the cable - adding to the industrial style.


The copper piping and brass compression fittings lead to the (as pictured) naked Edison bulb, plus decorative vintage brass pressure gauge and red stopcock, for a true steampunk feel.


Overall height - 86cm / 34in
Bulb fitting - standard bayonet
Cable length - 190cm/74.5in


recommended: LED vintage Edison bulb (minimum heat - safe to touch)

price inc p&p within uk or local delivery
(bulb not included... due to no guarantee of survival in transit)