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Introducing... Mr & Mrs RY!

July 27, 2016

For those of you new to Rekindled Yard, we should introduce ourselves!!


RY is a small, family business based in Co. Antrim - Northern Ireland. After being in the trade as a builder / joiner for 20 years… it was time for Mr RY to have a bash at what he really loves!


The name Rekindled Yard came from our love of reusing timber which may have otherwise ended up in the wood chipper! It is incredible how aged timber, full of character, can be brought back to life to continue its journey, the "Rekindled Way".


In a nutshell, Mr RY is the "maker" here at the Yard. You'll usually find him out in the workshop tinkering with timber... wandering around with wood... sometimes slate.

[Favourite Quote ] "The dance of steel and wood, the slice of the cutting edge, the sound and smells... I believe I was meant to carve and it's a joy for me when I do it" (anon)

[ Love ] *see above* ;o)

[ Scared of ] Spiders... eek!


I (Mrs RY) am the, er... "everything else" here at the Yard: Manager... Coffee Maker... Communicator... Accountant... Coffee Maker... (and more recently - website maker !!) all around a demanding full time job, that is.

[Favourite Quote ] "Carefully treading the path of life having lost the map in an ill-advised paper aeroplane making competition..."

[ Love ] my boys: the big one, the slightly smaller one (but-still-bigger-than-me-one) and the 3 canine ones!

[ Scared Of ] small winged things that "buzz"


We are both passionate about running our small business and offering a personal, bespoke service to our lovely customers. We are always happy to talk through ideas, rather than pushing for a sale... we want you to be happy and maybe even come back... with chums! We are also ardent "Shop Small" supporters and the majority of gifts that we buy are from fabulous fellow small biz folk! We encourage YOU do the the same where you can... not just RY ;o)


Thank you for reading and for your support of our wee Norn Iron Biz!


Mrs RY (...and himself)

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