Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland

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RY's wood cards are hand made from reclaimed timber, retaining the "eco-friendly" ethos.

Hand carved & engraved using pyrography.


approx dimensions:

18cm tall

10cm (each side) wide

20cm (overall/open) wide

inset photo frame approx 3x5in


The price includes design on front, eg rose for valentine/anniversary... entwined rings for wedding/engagement... balloon for birthday... baby's foot for birth/christening...  Any design (within reason!) to suit the occasion, along with personalisation if required, eg a name... age... date.


Above plus personalised wording inside:

1-9 words £26.85

10-15 words £29.85


add £6.00 for photo frame

You can't buy happiness...

but you can give a gift and make someone happy.